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Original Bitzee Interactive Digital Pet Toy

Original Bitzee Interactive Digital Pet Toy

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 Presenting Bitzee: The touchable and tactile virtual pet!

Take pleasure in a virtual pet universe at your fingertips.  Bitzee interactive pet reacts with noises and movements to swipes, tilts, shakes, and touches! Just as with your actual pets, your Bitzee will begin life as a baby. To thrive, Bitzee virtual pets require affection and nurturing. You'll gain more pets the more you play! Feed them, play with them, lull them to sleep, tidy up after them, and show them affection. Observe their development from infant to adult to Super Bitzee! Discover exclusive games and outfits for every Super Bitzee pet as you unlock them. Use the treat to draw in your next virtual friend.

Collect all 15 Bitzee animals in your case, then display them.

  • Batteries: 3 AA
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