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LED Wrist Ball Trainer

LED Wrist Ball Trainer

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 Try This New, Addictive, Multi-Faceted Device That Is Taking Over The Fitness World!

Help your fingers, wrist, forearm, and upper arm gain strength with our LED Wrist Trainer.

Power Ball Arm Exerciser – GymLair

How It Works

This Wrist Ball is powered by rotating the wrist. The rhythmic movement of this training ball helps build and maintain muscle tone. Designed with a high-performance rotor, which can speed up to 12,000 RPM. The LED light works with movement so no need to charge it up.

The best tool for anyone who plays golftenniscricketbadmintonbaseballbowling, and more. It is also ideal for musicians, guitarists, pianists, and drummers. Aside from strengthening your wrist and forearm, our Wrist Ball also helps in rehabilitating sore muscles and joints.

The Dynaflex Powerball

Strengthen Your Wrists

Strengthen fingers, wrists, hands, shoulders, forearms, triceps, and biceps. Beneficial strength trainer for golf, tennis, climbing, basketball, etc.

Our LED Wrist Trainer is an additively fun and powerful exercise tool that builds the strength of your upper body through a few minutes of workout every day. This tennis ball-sized wrist trainer is a small engineering wonder: consists of a freely revolving heavy gyroscopic rotor housed in a solid plastic shell, with built-in self-powered LED lights.

Package Includes

1 X LED Wrist Trainer 
1 X Rope
1 X Instructions Manual
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