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Baby Dancing Cactus

Baby Dancing Cactus

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Keep Your Toddler Entertained While Developing Their Senses

Our Reactive Dancing Cactus will keep your baby entertained for hours. 

Benefits And Features 

  • Endless Conversations - The Dancing Cactus will inspire imagination and creativity, through conversation. 
  • Our Dancing Cactus Plant is capable of imitating other noises, when you talk, it repeats itself, it dances, sings, and moves in all directions.
  • It's ideal for children of all ages because it's not only enjoyable but also educational and promotes child development.
  • Will promote emotional expression due to its beautiful colors, movements, pleasant melody, and texture. Your child will be able to look, touch, and listen to the sounds that excite its senses and gradually enhance its driving skills.

Package Includes

1 X Dancing Cactus (battery operated, batteries not included)

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